Tile Removal


We’re slowly making progress with the tiling.  We’ve got 3/4 or so of the tile up now, however yesterday I realized that two tiles had to come down.  I was a bit over anxious and didn’t realize that the corner shelves we are installing will require not just the closest tile to the corner to be cut, but also the one next to it.   Without a way to cut the tile on the wall, I was forced to remove the tile and put a new one up.  The good news is that the tiles are adhering to the Durock extremely well.  The bad news is that the tiles are adhering to the Durock really well :-/.  I first tried chiseling off the tile, and ended up taking most of the cement board with it.  On the second tile I tried breaking up the tile and trying to remove small pieces at a time.  This left more of the Durock in place, however it also broke it up so that after removing the tile I had to cut out the damaged pieces of Durock.   I plan on patching the hole with a few coats of thinset and fiberglass tape, and hopefully this will create a stable surface for the replacement tile.

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