Target Coatings FAQ

Below is a compilation of questions and answers compiled generally based on Jeff Weiss’s answers on the Target finishing forums.

Is CA (superglue) compatible with EM6000?

EM6000 is compatible with cured CA. Give the CA a light scuff sand and wipe with DNA prior to applying the EM6000.

What grit should I sand to prior to using EM1000
Sanding to 320 grit will minimize raised grain. It is recommended to sand to 320, apply one coat of EM1000, sand to 400+ and apply a 2nd coat.

What size strainer should I use?
Use 125u for HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/Filler and unthinned EM6500 Pigmented Lacquers. Use 200u for all Target clear coats and sealers.

EM2000wvx vs EM9300
EM2000wvx is a bit more flexible than EM9300, EM9300 offers more protection

EM7000HBL vs EM9000sc
EM9000sc offers better chemical resistance than EM7000HBL.

What is the proper method for adding CL100 Crosslinker?
You need to stir the finish gently but thorough while slowly adding the CL100. Continue to stir for at least 1-2 minutes to ensure that all of the crosslinker is mixed. Once completed it is recommended to allow for an induction or synergy time to take place so that all of the solvents, resins and active cross-linker can get into alignment. I usually wait one hour to allow for synergy and deairation to take place.

Do Target Finishes need to be stirred before using?
The gloss versions of all Target topcoats require no stirring to be functional. Stirring is required only to allow for the remixing and re-suspension of the flatting agent used to create the semi-gloss, satin and flat version. None of the performance additives, i.e. defoamers, leveling agents, anti-slip/mar, etc., separate during storage. One caveat though, if the finish got frozen in shipping a gentle stirring may be required.


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