Tile Floor


This weekend I started laying the tile for the floor of the bathroom.  I’d been on hold for a few days waiting for a new blade for my tile saw.  The tile looks great, and I really like the diamond pattern, although it is a bit more difficult to put down in this fashion.  I’ve also found that I’m getting better at laying the tile, and that laying tile on the floor is significantly easier than laying it on walls.  I’ve also found that instead of mixing the thin-set in a big square-ish bin thing (Picture), if I mix it in a small 5lb joint-compound bucket, I can use the drill mixer to quickly and easily mix up a batch.  While this probably wouldn’t be a big enough batch for a more skilled tile setter, for me its perfect.  This small bucket is much easier to move around, and cleanign it up takes only a minute as opposed to the lengthy and messy process of cleaning the other bin.

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