I don’t like doing molding.  First its very fiddly work, you have to measure, run downstairs and cut it, bring it back check your fit, trim it a bit, and then do it again.    Secondly its the final step in a long process which means that there is nothing later to hide your faults.  Basically when I’m doing framing if I make a little mistake I’m like no worries drywall will cover that up.  Then when I make a mistake with the drywall I’m like no worries, thats what spackle is for.  After spackle you have paint.  But after molding there is nothing, if somethings out of whack, thats it your screwed.  And something is always out of whack.  For instance here the door to the jam on the door to the outside isn’t flush with the drywall, so there is a big gap there.

The good news though is that with the molding in the room is starting to look done (particularly with this pre-primed stuff). Ohh and I got Jess to do some of the molding too, so that was awesome.

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