Flooring is In!

No more ugly faux tiles!  This was the most stressful, and by far the easiest part of the whole remodel.  Stressful because of the possibility that I ruined an expensive piece of floor with a bad cut.  I was also worried about slipping it under the door jams and molding.   You see, to look good the flooring needs to go underneath everything, but just barely not touching it.  The Tarkett Fiber Floor was very flexible though, and was very easy to just bend and slip it under.  Tarkett also recommends the easiest installation method possible, a glueless one.  You just lay the floor down, and you’re done, no glue to mess with.  The baseboard will keep the edges from being peeled up, and the flooring is supposed to just lie flat.  I was a bit skeptical but figured that if it didn’t work well it’d be easy enough to just pull it up and glue it back down.  It seems to have turned out well though, and it looks great!

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