FrogTape and Painting the Molding

I’ve already mentioned I don’t like molding, well that goes for painting it too.  To do a good job you have to take your time, and be very careful, something I’m not very good at.  There also is a suprisingly large amount of it, particularly in a room with a plethora of doorways.  I don’t generaly like taping for a few reasons.  Firstly it takes a while to do, making an already slow job take even longer.  Secondly you can make things worse if the tape peels up the paint when you take it off.  Lastly I’ve never felt it worked aprticualrly well, the paint always seems to seap underneath the tape, no matter how well you stick it down.  Well FrogTape claims to at least fix the last one.  The Frog Tape has some of that gel stuff that’s used in diapers in it, which the makers claim prevents the paint from seaping underneath it.  It’s expensive stuff, but I figured I’d give it a shot and I must say, it does work significanlty better than 3M’s blue tape.  It’s not perfect though,  I still had one spot where it seaped through.

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