TV Stand for Marty

I’m sure you remember Marty,  I mentioned he gave me a hand installing a skylight awhile back. Well he recently got a shiney new giant (73″!) TV and needed a TV stand for it. I built my TV stand a few years ago, which he liked, so we decided to build him one just like it. Pretty simple design, oak plywood for the top, bottom and sides, attached with some nice dado’s. The front was trimmed out with some nice ash that was just glued and nailed on. If my biscuit cutter wasn’t a piece of junk I would have used that to put the face frame on.

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  1. marty says:

    holy geez jim – i moved my bookmarks around and forgot about voidsmith! kinda funny the first time i go in months and you happen to update the same day :)…MORE UPDATES!

  2. the TV Stands that i bought online is made of lighweight aluminum, i like aluminum because it can be anodized :`-

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