Granite Countertop

The guy came from Westwood Tile and Stone  today to install the granite countertop for the vanity.   The vanity looks great now, and the guy did an excellent job installing it.  However he was pretty much the only part of our dealings with Westwood that I was particularly pleased with.  Although there weren’t any huge problems, there were a bunch of minor issues that would prevent me from using them again.   In addition to the granite, we also bought the tile from Westwood.  On our first trip to the store, we worked with a very nice gentleman who was very helpful and informative.  However when we went back the second time to look at the granite, he wasn’t there so we worked with another saleswoman, who was much less helpful.   We spent alot of time being concerned that they weren’t gonna get the granite to be the right size.  It wasn’t until the next time that she mentioned that they would come out and make a template.

When we went the third time to make the final decisions on the tile, and to pay for everything, we once again got a different saleswoman.  We picked out the tile we wanted, and also the trim tile.  She never mentioned that the trim tile was a eight of an inch thicker than the field tile.  (Fortunately I was able to put a thinner coat of thin-set on and it looks alright)  When the tile came in we never got a call about it, I had to call and find out that it was waiting for us.  Lastly with the granite, the holes for the faucet were not countersunk, so the fittings for the faucet didn’t fit through. 

 It all ended up working out ok,  and perhaps most of the stuff is things I should have already known.  However the tile and granite cost a small fortune, and I felt that for that price we should have gotten a little better service. 

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