Finished up grouting


Been extra busy this week, trying to get ready for the granite counter-top to arrive on Friday.  We  finished up most of the grouting today.  On the floor we choose to use a ‘latte’ colored Spectralock grout.   We were quite scared when the grout first went it, as it looked very light, and rather pink.  However it darkened as it dried, and although I think it might be a bit better if it was a shader darker still, I’m still quite happy with how it looks.   For the floor we mixed up two mini-units of grout, and then put half in the freezer while doing the first half.   After I finished the first half, which was getting difficult to work with, I pulled the second out and it was still nice and soft.  After finishing up, I took the remaining lump and put that back into the freezer, in case I found any spots we missed.

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