Workshop Stage 1 Complete!

My goal this go round with the shop was to get it cleaned up, and usable. I’m all finished with that now. I’ve got it all cleaned up, rearranged and all the tools hung up. I got the big tools all arranged and setup. The table saw (in the foreground) came from my grandfather, and while its about 50 years old it still works great. It could use a new blade, but it takes the standard size so thats easy enough to replace. I also did some electrical work, running a 220V line down for the air compressor and the table saw. Since I moved the door I also had to move the light switch, and while I was doing that I also added a whole bunch more outlets (for easy power tool use!) as well as a bunch more lights so that its easy to see what I’m doing. I put a piece of green outdoor carpet stuff that was laying around in front of the bench so that I wouldn’t have to be standing on the cement floor.

At this stage its all usable and it looks good, but there is still a good bit of work to do. I need to run some sort of dust collection system, as well as put up some more shelving. I’ve also got my grandfathers massive old screw collection, its a few hundred old baby food jars full of every sort of screw and nail. Its great to have as it means I won’t ever have to run to Lowes for one more screw. I also would like to get a few more power tools so I can do some real woodworking, perhaps a jointer, planer and a router table. Lastly I’ll need to setup some sort of spray booth. All of this will have to wait until the upcoming family room project is complete though!

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