Guest Room

This isn’t really the best picture, but its the only one I had of the guest room before we ripped the carpeting out. When we moved in the guest room was walled with wood paneling and had a very dark grey carpet on the floor. The carpet was pretty beat and underneath there were some nice hardwood floors in decent shape. So right away we decided to rip up the carpet and chuck it. We then moved into the room and used it as our bedroom while we were redoing the master bathroom. Once that was finished and the room was vacated we tried to figure out what to do to the room. The problem is that its a very small room, and the wood paneling is very dark (as well as being quite dated). The room does have two windows but they aren’t very big, and therefore the room always feels like a cave. So clearly the paneling has to go. With the other big projects coming up we can’t afford to replace the windows right now, so they’ll have to stay. Also since we’ll be takign down the paneling we’ll need to replace all of the molding.

As an aside I actually started ripping down the paneling in December, but never got around to posting it.

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