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Seems like everyone has a blog these days, and since I don’t want to be left behind, heres mine!

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  1. javatime ( Rich) says:

    Just followed your blog from the AVSForum and found it very interesting. I lived in Barrington and just moved down to Winslow (Cedar Brook) off RT.73 in a new home and finishing our basement. Thanks for the tip on the felker saw since I was just looking at that model!
    I am in the bathroom right now (well..not literally speaking!) that was roughed in for 1/2 bath and just decided to put in a shower with tile walls. Not sure if I’m going to use a pan or go the extent with what you are doing but I am interested in the shulter/kerdi system…John Bridge is a great site; I just ordered his book and should have by this weekend. Great documentation as your progress…it looks really nice!
    your )and e oI’ will be tn( I’m doing a basement ll be doing s

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