Templating for the Floor

We wanted a wood floor in the laundry room, however a vinyl floor in the laundry room makes the most sense for us.  Its nice and easy on the feet, is very durable, and is waterproof.    With a wood floor, we’d be constantly worrying about getting water on it, or scratching it or whatnot.  We went to Lowes to look at the flooring choices there, and found a very nice wood pattern that looked great.  Things went downhill from there though.  The sign said that they would install it for $1.90 per sqft.  Seemed pretty cheap, and as it turns out it was.  We made an appointment to have someone come out and measure, which cost $35, but would be applied to the cost of the install.

Unfortunately once we got the quote back, we realized the advertised price was basicly a bait and switch.  not only would the basic install be almost twice that price, but despite the excellent condition of the bare cement floor, they wanted to emboss it for another few hundred bucks.  Instead of that we went to talk to Rob over at Carpet Dimensions.  We got the carpet for our family room from them, and they were fantastic.  The same was also true this time around.  Rob mentioned that it was pretty easy to do yourself using some paper as a template.   We ordered the flooring, and I got to work making the template.  Pretty easy to do, just roughly cut the paper to size, lay it down, tape it to the floor so it doesn’t move around, and then trim it to size.

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