Sprinkler System


Grass, being a plant, needs water to live. Particularly when its a bunch of little baby plants just sprouting. The research indicates that when a new lawn is seeded, it should be lightly watered a few times a day until it germinates, and then slowly reduced to 1″ per week. Since I was expecting it to rain a few times a day for three weeks to make sure the whole lawn got a good smattering of water, I decided to install a sprinkler system. The system itself isn’t particularly expensive, about $400 for everything, and it should insure that our lawn does well. Seen here is everything I’ll need for the system. The nice folks at Rainbird have a free service where you can send in your land survey and they will design a system for you. Using that as a guide, I placed a nice big order with the Sprinkler Warehouse, and this is what I got. It consists of a couple hundred feet of tubing, a bunch of sprinkler heads, some pipe connectors, the solenoid valves, tools, wire, and the controller. Hopefully I’m not missing anything.

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  1. brendan doyle says:

    i have a lawn 70’x 40′ please email me all i need to set up a sprinklers system

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