Dead Lawn


Since we bought the house I’ve been pretty unhappy with the front lawn. It’s lumpy, uneven, and there is very little actual grass in it. I tried redoing a couple of the worst spots, but didn’t have much luck. So this fall I’ve decide to just redo the whole thing. The first step is of course to get rid of the old lawn, so two weeks ago I sprayed the whole thing with roundup. This will kill off all the old lawn, and all the weeds too, and as you can see it works very well. I was a bit concerned about the roundup sticking around and making it hard for the new grass, but the directions say you can plant again in just 3 days, so two weeks should be plenty.

I also had PSEG come out and mark the gas line so I could make sure not to hit it. That’s a free service, and easy to do, so I highly recommend that anyone thinking of digging should get it done. This weekend will be spent tilling, digging, spreading compost, and installing a new sprinkler system!

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