Sheetrock Part 2!


On Friday I put up some more Sheetrock.  I was originally planning on using bigger pieces, however due to the small size of the bathroom it was impossible to get the large pieces of Sheetrock into the room.  I also forgot that joints should be on the studs, and had to put in a couple of patches to keep the edges from moving.  Still I did manage to get the plumbing for the toilet in, and even got the hole in the right place.  Which is particularly surprising considering just how poor my Sheetrock cutting skills are.  Out of 7 or 8 pieces in the bathroom I didn’t get a single one cut right the first time.  I’ve also learned that with ‘rock’ products, be it Sheetrock or Durock, you should never try to force it in, as it will just end up cracking.  My general problem seems to be that I cut the pieces to close to the actual measurements.  Then when the sides aren’t square, or my cuts are a bit off it doesn’t fit.  I need to learn to cut them 1/2″ or so small and then just spackle over the gap.

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  1. ray says:

    Just a hint I’ve learned over the years (probably too late now). If you are sheetrocking a small room like a bath or closet you can cut the large sheet of sheet rock in the back and snap it, but don’t cut the paper in the front. Then you can fold it in half and manuever it into the small space. Instead of having to tape the joint it just requires a little filling. Makes things much easier.

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