Sheetrock on the Skylights

I’ve begun putting up the sheetrock in the skylight ‘tunnels’.  Cutting all these different pieces was quite the pain.  On most of the pieces there were no 90 degree corners, and out of the four sides, three of them require using more than half of a 4×8 sheet.  Of course I forgot about these tunnels when I bought the sheetrock a few months ago which means that even though I got five or six extra sheets, I’m probably going to run short now.

The tunnels also get extremely hot, since they are sitting right in the attic and the sheetrock traps all the hot air.  This makes me wish we had gotten the venting skylights.   Work will undoubtedly slow down now that I’ve hit the dull sheetrocking stage.  The taping of the seams is not a very fun task so I won’t be as interested in doing it, and therefore it will end up taking forever.

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  1. cut and install vents on the peak side of your tunnels. use floor return grilles.

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