We’ve been on vacation in Seattle (pictures will be up soon!) for the last two weeks so I haven’t made any updates to the blog.  However before we were gone I was able to paint the family room.  We (and by we I mean Jess, while I smiled and nodded) choose a nice blue color.  I think it looks pretty good, and should look great with the dark brown carpet and the dark wood trim.  It should also keep the room nice and bright, which is a concern since the old room was so dark.  This time around we used the Behr paint from Home Depot.  No real reason than them having a paint chip that Jess liked.  Bonus was that it happened to be on sale when I got it.   So far I’ve used both the regular and the premium Valspar paints from Lowes, as well as the Regal paint from Benjamin Moore.  I think the Regal paint was the best, but the Behr seems next best.

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