While I was busy spackeling, sanding, and painting, Jess was hard at work cutting, staining and sealing the baseboard and the door trim.   As soon as I was finished painting, I was then able to install all of the trim in just a few minutes, thanks to my brad nailer.  The trim has two coats of American Walnut stain on it, and then three coats of Minwax Wipe-On Polyurethane.  I was very happy with the Wipe-on Poly.  Its extremaly easy and fool-proof to apply, and although it needs multiple coats, it can be done with just a rag and doesn’t show any brush strokes. However it is rather expensive, and after reading up on it, I’ve learned that it is just regular oil based polyurethane thinned with mineral spirits.  Next time I will probably by the much cheaper regular polyurethane and thin it myself.

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