Vanity Doors

vanity-doorsThe doors for the vanity are all done, and just got their first coat of stain.    Making the doors was suprisingly difficult since, they are just a plain slab made form a single nice wide maple board.  The issue comes with my shieny new 12.5″ planer.  When I was looking at planers some came in 13″ and some 12.5″ .  That didn’t really seem like it matter, because honestly when am I ever goign to need to plane something that is between 12.5″ and 13″.  So of course I got a 12.5″ planer.  Anyone wanna guess how wide the doors are?  Thats right 13″.  Fortunately I was able to plane the center 12.5″ on the machine, and just had to clean up the edges with a hand planer.

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