Testing Paint Colors

paintsamplesI am not very good at picking out colors, and find it particualrly difficult tryign to choose a color for the whole house from a tiny little paint chip.  My wife is much better and so I generaly leave it up to her to choose, but its still quite hard to tell just what shade is best from those chips, particularly in the various different lights.   That takes us to here, where I have three different shades on the wall so that we can decide what we like.  It didn’t start out this way, we acutaly choose a color we liked, and then couldn’t decide if we should ge tthe Duramax or Ultra-Premium.  We ended up buying a gallon of each in the same color and I painted 50 sqft or so of each to see if I could tell the differenace (more on that in my next post).  Turns out however that they were slightly different shades, and neither one was really what we wanted.  So back to Lowes it was and we got the third color  (on the right), and we’re pretty happy with that.

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