Repairing the Walls

With all the paneling removed the fun part really begins. See in addition to using nails the folks who installed the paneling also used construction adhesive. This kept the center of the paneling stuck to the wall. Unfortunately when the paneling is removed, msot of the adhesive stays stuck to the wall. Since I didn’t want to replace all of the drywall that meant that the adhesive needed to be sanded off. Before I did that I used a block plane to scrape off some of the adhesive, but I couldn’t get it all, and that meant that I spent many house using my random orbital sander, with a 50 grit pad to take down the rest of the adhesive. My wife was nice enough to help out and do some sections, but it still took forever.

Once the adhesive was all gone, the next part was to patch up the walls. Some spots got sanded down a bit to much, and in a lot of spots the adhesive actually pulled the paper off the Sheetrock. There were also some large holes in two places, that required a new piece of Sheetrock be patched in. All of this meant another few days using lots of joint compound, and sanding some more. Ohh and don’t you just love the green and pink walls?

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