Peg Board is up!

After rearranging everything and cutting the new door, I started putting things back up. The first step was to get the peg-board back on the wall. Peg board is great for arranging all your tools in a nice easy to find area, that doesn’t take up much space. There already was a peg board in the basement, but I took it down when the guy came to reinforce the walls. To put it back up I used some concrete screws and just bolted some 2×4’s to the wall. While expensive these screws worked very well and made for a nice solid backing.

As an aside, a little while ago my 1.5 year old camera decided to call it quits. The Sony DSC-T9 which I was previously quite happy decided it didn’t want to focus anymore (hence the poor focus on this pic). Of course the camera only has a 1-year warranty. This meant that I now had a nice $400 brick instead of a nice little camera. I was able to get it kind of working again by swapping some parts out with one I got on ebay, but still I won’t be buying another Sony any time soon.

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  1. Jennfier says:

    Grrrr… planned obsolescence. We have a lovely $400 digital video camera brick it can sit with. Grrr.

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