Painting the back of the house


I haven’t posted in awhile for two reasons.  The first is that my shiny, less than a year old, Canon XSI camera broke, and had to get sent to be fixed… Twice.  Since I couldn’t take any decent picutres I couldn’t update.  The next reason is that mostly what I’ve been doing has been painting, and well painting is dull.  I didn’t feel like posting a new update each time I painted a new patch.  Now that I’m wrapping it all up I figured I’d put up some posts that detail how long it took and what headaches I ran into along the way.

I started on the right side and worked my way around the back, pressure washing everything first and then putting one coat of Valspar Duramaxx Blue Skylight on.  I used a 4″ Wooster paint brush for everything, painting about 100 sqft at a time.  The extremely rainy May/June we had made it very difficult to get anything done, so it took alot longer than I excepected.  The only real issue I ran into was doing the part on the right corner, where there is a bush in the way.  This made getting the ladder into place very difficult, and I end up just breaking some branches out of the way.

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  1. Mom says:

    How about a picture of the newly completed powder room?

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