Paint & Molding

With guests coming this weekend time is short to finish up the room.  So I put up two coats of Tomato Bisque paint on Monday, and on Tuesday and Wednesday I got the molding all put up.  Painting went smoothly  although as always I had difficulty with the top edge.  I’ve used an edger, tape, and just a paintbrush to cut in the top corner, and haven’t really been happy with any of them.  I’ve found the best method is to find a friend who is really good with a brush.  Unfortunately since I was in a hurry I had to do it myself.  I went slowly and used a good brush and I think the results are acceptable.  I also think that in the future I should keep doing it this way as it seems that every time I get better at it.

Since this was the fourth room I was putting molding it went pretty smoothly.  Using a good miter saw, as well as a pneumatic nail gun makes it pretty easy.  However its still quite a bit of work since there are about thirty pieces and each on must be measured, cut, checked, and probably cut again.  In addition there were a handful of coped joints, as well as a few other tricky bits.  I’ve got it all taped now, and am about to paint it.

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