More New Windows

The windows that I ordered back in April have finally arrived.  They’re all going in on the second floor, so I decided to build this scaffolding.  It took about $40 worth of lumber from Lowes, and an hour or two to put together.  This gives me a nice stable platform to work on the windows from.  The scaffolding is  12′ tall, 3′ wide, and 7′ long.  It’s a very simple construction, with 4 12′ 2×4’s carrying most of the load, being braced a number of smaller 2×4’s to prevent it from twisting or buckling.  The top is simply some 1/2″ plywood that was actually part of the shipping crate of my jointer.  I used my framing nailer to put it all together which was quick and easy.  It’s a very stable structure, and its at the perfect height.

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