Leaky Kitchen Sink

The other day Jess  calls me into the kitchen and points out the puddle of water she noticed underneath the sink.  It looked like it had been there for awhile, and was hidden behind some bottles and such.  After a bit of routing around I was able to find that the slip nut that connects the trap to the drain had cracked, and water was leaking from there.  These chromed brass traps come in various quality levels, with the cheapest 22 gauge ones not being much thicker than paper, so its not surprising that it broke.  Once I’d figured out what the problem was, it was easy enough to run to Lowes and get a replacement (the nice thick 17 gauge one), and solder it back in.  Not a big deal, but its irritating that I had to spend my night doing this because the previous guy was to cheap to spend the extra 5 bucks on the higher quality one.

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