Installing the Garage Door Opener

jess-garageThe installation of the new garage door opener was pretty straight forward.  The Chamberlain opener we got came with some great instructions.  So while I was busy removing the old one, Jess was able to assemble the new one.   With just a bit of help from me, she had it all put together, and then all I had to do was bolt it to the ceiling.  The only thing that remained to do was the irritating saftey eye that stops the door from closing if anything runs in front of it.  I’m assuming this is a law, because the  door won’t even work without it installed.  Fortunately they make it very easy to install, or at least it would be if we had the standard size door tracks.  Since we didn’t it was a bit harder, but still not difficult.    Running the wires was the most difficult part of the whole install.  All told it took about an hour to put up.

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