Fireplace Door

Since we decided not to mess with the firebox, nor replace the rather ugly gas logs, we got a nice door to cover it instead.  The door with its tinted glass looks a lot nice than the bare fireplace did, and hides the old brick as well.   Choosing a door was a bit of a scare.  We first went to a specialty fireplace store, and while they had some very nice doors, the cheapest was at least a grand.  Far more than we were looking to spend.   Fortunately,  Lowes had a handful of doors for around $250, and we liked this one just as well as any of the far more expensive ones.  I’m finding that this is frequently the case, a specialty store will have a better selection, however everything is an order of magnitude more expensive than Lowes, and the quality doesn’t seem to be significantly better.  Installing the door over the stone veneer was a bit tricky, but I was able to screw it directly into the brick without to much trouble.

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