Day 9: Back to Austria

A nice relaxing day today, as we drove from Cortina back into Austria and stayed at Innsbruck.  As we drove into Innsbruck I was surprised to see  some clouds in the middle of the mountain.  I’m continually amazed at the amount of truck traffic on the European roads.  I had been under the impression that since Europe has such an extensive rail network, and fuel costs are so high there that there was very little shipping done by truck.  At least where we were that is completely untrue however, as there were even more trucks on the road than even a typical American highway.

We got to Innsbruck around lunch time and had a frustrating time finding something to eat.  I was trying to avoid another pizza place, and it seemed like every other place was full of smoke.  Attempting to find a good place to eat is defiantly my least favorite part of any vacation and its even more difficult in foreign countries.  We eventaully found a nice little bread and sandwhich shop, and from there we went on to a bell foundry.  We had a nice look around there and learned some about bell making which turns out to be a bit more complicated than I would have thought.

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