Day 7: Off to Cortina via Konigsee

Today we left Salzburg to head over to Cortina D’Amprezzo.  Its only a few hour drive, so we took John’s advice and stopped on the way at Konigsee.   Its a lake that sits in the valley between some extremely tall and steep mountains, and is quite picturesque .  It looked amazing in the snow, although the cloudy skies made for poor pictures.  We took a short hike on some snowy trails around the lake, and I was also surprised to see a bobsled/luge track near the lake.  There are only about 20 current tracks in the world, and almost all of them are at the site of a recent winter Olympics.  This however is one of the exceptions, although it is part of th 2018 bid.

From Konigesee it was back into Austria on our way to Cortina D’Amprezzo in Italy.  Once again I was shocked at the complete lack of border between the countries, as the only thing of notice was a small sign with the new countries name.  I’ve seen bigger signs coming into New Jersey.  By stopping at Konigess we took a sort of back way into Italy instead of the highway.  This proved to be a great choice as the drive was incredible.  We hit very little traffic, and the views were ridiculous.  The 10 euro toll was also a tad ridiculous, although at least the road was in great shape.

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