Bathroom’s Finished!


Well after a few months the bathroom is finally all finished. Took a bit longer than I excpected it, which I suppose is not suprising. It was really the tiling that slowed me down, cutting and setting the tiles was a real pain. Ohh and the 7 coats of paint in three colors certinly didn’t make things go any faster.

All in all though we are very happy with the results. I’m also quite glad that I did it all myself. it was a great learning experience, and I think everything turned out wonderfully. I also can’t imagine how people did things in the olden days (read: pre-1998). Without the folks over at the John Bridge Ceramic Tile Forum I doubt I would have gotten through it. Thats not to say that I didn’t look in books and ask friends and family for help too, but the books can’t anwser your questions when things are a bit peculiar, and sometimes your friends and family don’t have all the answers (all though they were also quite helpful!) .

Lastly I’ve found one of the biggest problems is trying to take a good picture of the bathroom. My camera is a tiny little point and shoot which is great for taking with you, but it has a rather narrow field of view, and with such a small room its hard to get a good shot. What I’ve done for this picture is to take a slew of smaller ones, and stitch them together to try and show the whole room (which of course makes for some oddities in the photo.

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  1. nxtmonger says:

    Nice job on the bathroom!
    er, now that you’re done this, will you have a bit more time for motocube?

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