Router Table Supplies

I’ve begun a new project, and of course the first step is to buy stuff!  This picture shows the plethora of hardware that is required to build my new router table.  I got the idea for this project after borrowing a friends tbale, and realizing it would be quite useful.  I got the plans from the New Yankee Workshop, so its a Norm Abram’s special.  The dvd and the plans were only 30 bucks so that I considered money well spent.  However these supplies plus the 4 or 5 sheets of plywood/MDF that are needed to build the table ring in at ~$350.  Keep in mind thats not including the router itself, the $75 ‘heavy duty’ Rockler router plate, or the $85 hardware kit.  Also keep in mind that you can by a commerical router table for $300 or so.    Of course its not about saving money, its about the fun of building my own table,  as well as hopefully getting a higher qualitly table.

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